Jim Zell

Jim Zell is a stay at home dad to three little girls.

The At Large Alternate Delegate has assumed the role of “Mr. Mom” to Emily (2), Elizabeth (8), and Christina (15) since his employer closed its doors in January of 2012. His wife, Bethany, works for the Cary Medical Center Public Relations department doing community outreach for the Aroostook Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Coalition and is grant director for “Pink Aroostook,” a county-wide project which focuses on breast cancer advocacy and support.

Jim’s experience has been in working with troubled youth as a qualified mental health professional in a group home setting in both, direct care and supervisory positions. Jim has been a supporter of Ron Paul since 2007 and actively supported the grassroots movement while living in Chattanooga. He and his family relocated to northern Maine in the spring of 2010.