Erin Daly

Erin Daly is a political science major at Southern Maine University and works in marketing and advertising. 

Erin Marie Daly was born and raised in Concord, Massachusetts. Seeing Maine's potential as a liberty leaning state, she moved to attend college at the University of Southern Maine as a political science major. Understanding the importance of fiscal responsibility, she committed herself to completing a debt-free degree and has continued to work to pay her way through school ever since. 

While living in Maine, Erin first heard about Ron Paul during the debates of the 2008 Presidential Campaign. After a disappointing turnout of the 2008 Presidential election, Erin became determined to get involved to affect real change for her country, her state, and her generation. She is passionate about tax and economic reform and restoring our country's constitution to its original platforms of non-interventionist foreign policy and protecting personal liberties. 

In her free time, Erin enjoys fishing, camping, bowling, and shooting pool. She is looking forward to working on the RNC Credentials Committee to help give a voice to the duly-elected delegates.