Alex Titcomb

Russian born Youth Minister Alex Titcomb is a junior at USM double majoring in business and finance. 

He is dedicated to maintaining his reputation as a top student exemplified by his interaction in every course he takes.  Alex, a youth minister, leads home church fellowships, often teaching members of various age groups.  His faith and trust in God and following the examples set forth by Jesus Christ make him a compassionate and loving leader.  Alex is a charismatic, strong individual, and many people view him as the person in charge.  Alex was duly elected as an At Large Delegate by nearly a thousand Maine Republicans.  

He has expressed his desire to have the chance to lead the country, but as he was born in Russia this is not a possibility. Alex was adopted at 6 years old and he remembers what it was like to live in a country that was not free. He is a strong believer in America's founding constitutional principles; government for the people by the people and is involved at all levels of government to help restore America to its Godly roots.  Follow Alex on Twitter: @alextitcomb