Bernie Johnson

They say that Bernie Johnson has forgotten more about beer than most people will ever know.

With almost twenty-five years of experience in the beverage industry, he’s earned his status as a living legend, well… in Maine beer lore anyway. Bernie has had a successful career as a sales representative in the beverage division at Pine State Trading Company, a family owned Maine business. Bernie is also a State Certified Interior Attack Firefighter currently serving his community as a Lieutenant on the Lamoine Fire Department. In addition to these duties, Bernie is a town representative to the Hancock County GOP and serves with his wife Angela, on the Lamoine Consolidated School Patrons Committee.

Bernie was born in Bangor and raised in a pro-union, fiercely democrat household. Fortunately, kids have grandparents and Bernie credits his grandfather Walter Hersey, a Barry Goldwater conservative, with laying the foundation on which he became a lifelong republican. Those early lessons on individual liberty, personal responsibility and standing or falling on your own merit, became the blueprint for a philosophy that would lead him to rejecting the collectivist mindset that undermines these natural rights of freedom, granted by our Creator and guaranteed in our Constitution. Obviously having Ronald Reagan in the White House during his formative years didn’t hurt either.

In 2012, despite being a bit of a political greenhorn, Bernie Johnson was asked to speak on behalf of Presidential candidate Ron Paul at two State Republican Caucuses. And while it wasn’t exactly the Gettysburg Address, Bernie’s words were honest, heartfelt and thought provoking. This was clearly no polished politician reciting a canned speech. It was a regular guy summoning the courage to make a stand for something he passionately believed in. Somehow, it struck a chord with many in attendance. At the multi-town Hancock Super Caucus, Ron Paul won the straw poll and Bernie was elected as a State Delegate. From there he represented Lamoine at the Maine State Convention and was elected as an At Large Delegate National Delegate to the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida. When Bernie is not busy working or defending life and property in his community, he cherishes time with family and enjoys procuring his own food through gardening, foraging, fishing and archery.