Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace is currently running for State Senate in Maine for district 7. South Portland and Cape Elizabeth.

Mike Wallace is 33 years old and a father of five. He considers himself blessed to be part of a blended family full of unique experiences.   Two of his children found him through the social services system.  His youngest son was born right at home in South Portland Maine. One of the few these days.

Mike is an Air Force veteran who serviced communications for Air Force one and other Special Air Missions. After Military service he worked overnight to secure communications for the US State Department and its over seas diplomatic posts. The private sector rewarded his military training with the opportunity  lead in the work of streamlining IT processes for companies specializing in healthcare administration.

Recently, Mike has stepped full stride into politics, working on Senator Rand Paul's US Senate primary in his hometown of  KY and then as a State Senate candidate and national delegate for Ron Paul since moving to Maine. As a member of the 2012 Delegation to the National GOP Convention, Mike worked on the platform committee and on the convention floor to advocate for limited government. Mike saw first hand the fear and corruption in the GOP and is working to counter it with the light of truth and positive example.

Experience and faith have imbued a appreciation for seizing on intuition as a tool for building new ideas despite obstacles. 

Always seeking partnerships to connect the pieces needed to manifest cultural and political change. Especially those that will help to spotlight the experience of being alive and free.