Sam Canders

Sam Canders is a First Officer for Kalitta Air, LLC flying the Boeing 747-400, one of the largest aircraft in the world!  

In a typical month, Sam flies around the world at least once moving freight to and from airports in India, Bahrain, China, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Anchorage and New York City.

Sam also currently serves in the Air National Guard with a rank of Major. Sam is rated to fly helicopters, balloons, single & multi-engine planes, sea planes and is a certified flight instructor for single & multi-engine airplanes.

As an Entrepreneur, Sam has been a small business owner since 2009 operating a Rental Management Agency, Home Inspection and Handyman Service. He also owns and operates a private landing area (ME62) in West Pittsfield. Sam believes that small business and entrepreneurship is at the core of America’s spirit and its economic engine. Sam will work to do away with needless regulations. Cut government spending and lower tax rates so that business can begin growing.

As a Steward of Maine’s Woodlands, Sam cares for a 139 acre farm in Pittsfield, where he currently sponsors a local farmer with a small fruit farm and organic vegetable business. A strong proponent for property rights Sam will fight for your rights to grow food, harvest crops, raise animals, feed your family, feed your neighbors and feed the community.

As Assistant Director of Operations, Sam assisted in the planning and execution of operations to support joint, combined and inter-agency operations in Central America. He is a trained leader, possessing the essential principles and techniques required to lead the charge in restoring our republic back to the people.

As a Company Commander, Sam managed and oversaw the training of 26 rated crew members and 21 mechanics/crew chiefs. He was responsible for the maintenance and accountability of equipment valued in excess of $140 million. Such a person can be trusted or depended upon to follow through on obligations and promises made.

Serving as an Operations Officer, Sam assisted in the planning of counter-narcotics operations, disaster relief, and MEDEVAC operations. He has real world experience and understands what duty and responsibility truly mean.

A Platoon Leader, Sam managed and oversaw the training of 6 rated crew members and 12 mechanics/crew-chiefs. He was responsible for the maintenance and accountability of equipment valued in excess of $30 million.

Did you know that Sam is an avid balloonist?  In 2006 Sam attempted to make a World Record Balloon Flight as he flew an open basket balloon from Southern California to Nebraska trying to cross the United States. He spent 63 hours aloft, traveled over 1300 miles and climbed to an altitude of over 20,000 feet over the Rockies during the month of January. He also placed 4th in the oldest aviation race in the world, the Gordon Bennett Balloon Race where he flew from Geneva, Switzerland to Cordoba Spain.  He completed the race in 67 hours.