Mark Willis

Mark Willis, Dennysville Party Town Chair and School Board Member, is the National Committeeman for Maine.

Mark serves the Maine Republican Party in Dennysville as Town Chair and as member of the Dennysville School Board. He has a Bachelor degree in International Relations, a Master's degree in Information Systems Management, and a Doctor of Law degree from George Mason School of Law.

A U.S. Army Counterintelligence Agent in Haiti and Bosnia in the 1990s, he followed with 10 years as Senior Software Engineer at US Army Security and Intelligence Command (INSCOM) and the Information Technology Liaison between INSCOM and NSA Personnel Divisions and is employed in the private sector as a Manager of an Application Development Security Team. 

Mark ran for National Committeeman based upon the following principles:

1.His top priority will be to identify, promote, endorse, and help fund those candidates in the State of Maine who believe in the Constitution of the United States, Freedom and most importantly, Liberty.

2.He will be a direct line between the RNC and the GOP grassroots at the county level by attending at least one county GOP meeting in all 16 counties within 1 year of being elected. 

3.He will work with other like-minded members of the RNC to introduce resolutions as necessary. This includes resolutions to abolish the TSA and demand the repeal of section 1021 of the NDAA


Mark served in the US Army on Active Duty from 1993-1998 as a Counterintelligence Agent with duty in Haiti (1995) and Bosnia (1996, 1998). 

In 1995, Mark conducted over 160 counterintelligence missions in Haiti which gathered critical information significantly contributing to a zero casualty rate of U.S. soldiers from May-November 1995. 

In 1998, Mark served at General Headquarters, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina where he managed the counterintelligence activities, reports and ad hoc support to all counterintelligence teams and provided daily briefings to the HQ General Staff on theater related counterintelligence operations. 


Mark and wife Violet own Kilby Ridge Farm, one of the last remaining small village farms in Maine. Married 18 years, their children are Declan, 12, and Brynne, 4.

Mark and Violet continue to restore this 200 year old, 20 acre coastal farm and specialize in Icelandic sheep, heritage poultry and heirloom vegetables. 

Mark and Violet are very proud of the fact that they have not taken one cent of government money to restore their farm. They “pay as they go” in order to retain their independence.

Their motto is "Culinary Excellence from Pasture to Plate”.

Outside of Work and Farming, Mark and his family enjoy fly fishing in the Greater Grand Lake Steam Area as well as hunting and trapping, nature walks, hiking, beach-combing and general outdoor exploring.