Linda Bean

Linda Bean of LL Bean is a grandmother, and the proprietor of Linda Bean's Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern.

An At Large Delegate, Linda is mother to three sons, and grandmother to three grandsons and one granddaughter.  The widow of a Maine dairy and beef farmer, Linda's third husband introduced her to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, an offshoot of the Church of Scotland, for which she has great affection and dedication .  Linda is very involved with her home congregation at Lakeview OPC in Rockport, Maine. 

For 71 years she has been a family owner of L. L. Bean.   Additionally, having built up a vertically integrated Maine lobster business since March of 2007, and being the owner of two general stores in St. George, Linda is a busy businesswoman, and looks forward to shortening her current 18-hour days.  She is driven by an enduring passion for her native State of Maine, its individualistic grassroots people, its villages and small cities, and its bountiful natural advantages: farmland, timberland, and island dotted coastal resource.  Her primary residence for 22 years has been St. George, which her fellow Delegation Member Russell "Hoggy" Montgomery also calls home, along with his hard working and politically astute family and vast numbers of friends and grassroots contacts.  Linda bought back her father's home in Freeport many years after he died in 1971 and and often stays in the restored home so she is just minutes from Linda Bean's Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern. 

Linda says that the Love for Liberty that runs in her genes, and is proud of her family's history of fighting for freedom and independence: 

"I'm descended from a fierce clan of MacBeans from the Scottish highlands of Invernessshire.  The Clan motto "Touch Not a Catt Bot a Targe" may be translated, 'don't touch this kitty without your gloves on.'  Scottish patriot and American pioneer John MacBean, from a Calvinist Presbyterian kirk, came to Boston in a boatload of 272 prisoners in February 1652, exiled by Oliver Cromwell for fighting to uphold The Covenant in Scotland.  He settled in Exeter, NH. 

In nearby Maine, when the French and Indian wars were being fought, another of my Scottish ancestors, Anthony Brackett's son Thomas, was brutally murdered on August 11, 1676 in his apple orchard at Falmouth, and his wife and children were carried away by Indians. 

Several lines of my ancestors were fighters for Liberty in the Revolutionary War of 1776-1783, the war for independence from British kings. 

As a Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR), I  chose my membership track from Private Amos Knight of Falmouth, Maine.  I found my ancestral research in 1965 took me in a direct line to 4 signers of the Mayflower Compact on Nov 11, 1620:  1) Thomas Rogers  2) Francis Cooke 3) Stephen Hopkins  and 4) Richard Warren (paternal ancestor of my grandfather LL Bean).  I discovered the latter name Warren was important to my family, for my father was named Charles Warren Bean; and his grandfather was Benjamin Warren Bean, who was son of George Warren Bean who, as an elderly Yankee, took up his gun with New Englanders and walked into the South, where he was soon buried in 1864 at Andersonville near his stockaded imprisonment. 

An ancestral cousin of ours was Dr. Joseph Warren, acting head of the Massachusetts revolutionary government that originated from the Boston Tea Party.  After the muster at Concord Bridge and the battle of Lexington, he was fighting with the rank of Brigadier General in the front line at Bunker Hill, and while rallying his troops to the third and final assault of the battle, he was killed by a musket ball fired into his head by a British officer. He is depicted centrally in the famous portrait of the battle when he fell.   While practicing medicine and surgery in Boston, that same Dr. Warren of the Bunker Hill massacre had associated with John Hancock, Sam Adams, and other radical leaders, and joined the Sons of Liberty. 

I am not unaffected by all these heroes of liberty and the current leaders in our movement under Dr. Ron Paul."