Landon St. Peter

Landon St. Peter left his job as the State Director of the John Birch Society to become a Maine Delegate to the GOP Convention.

The At-Large Delegate to the RNC National Convention, has deep roots in Maine. His maternal  ancestors settled in the Oakland/Rome area well before Maine was a State,  and his mother currently lives in the house built by her Great-Grandfather in 1867.

A long time Republican activist, Landon was Secretary to the Brunswick Town Republican Comte from  2008 to 2011, and is currently Secretary to Oakland’s Republican Comte.  Landon is a member of the Executive Comte. of the Kennebec County Republicans, and a  Committeeman At-Large to the State Republican Comte. 

A 20 year Navy veteran, Landon was a deep sea diver for most of that time, travelling the world to conduct salvage and diving operations in most of the planet’s oceans. Since moving back to Maine in 2007, he has held positions as Facility Maintenance Manager at the (ex) US Naval Air Station at Brunswick, and as the State Director for the John Birch Society (a 503c organization). He was forced to make a tough job decision when elected a Delegate to the national convention, and resigned from that position rather than give up his hard-won seat on Maine’s Delegation. 

Landon currently resides in Oakland Maine, and divides his time between his duties as a National Delegate,  renovating an old house, and gardening. He’ll be tweeting live from Tampa, follow him on Twitter: @Landon207.