Jonathan Pfaff

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012 posted by:
Jonathan Pfaff was born in California, raised in Oregon, married an Alaskan and now makes his home in Portland.  
He is blessed with an amazing wife and his seven beautiful children.   Jonathan is an employee of Maine-based Seafax, Inc. and the small business owner of two web development companies.  He and his wife homeschool their children and are active members in their local church body.  When time permits, Jonathan enjoys cycling to work, tennis, ping pong, skydiving and playing poker.
Jonathan helped with the Ron Paul campaign in 2008 after a friend introduced him to the statesman via Youtube. Though a lifetime Republican, Ron Paul's message activated him in the party with a passion for just government.  In 2011, he volunteered again for the Ron Paul Presidential campaign and joined the Portland Republican City Committee as Technical Chair.  
Jonathan is also the Cumberland County Committeeman and spends the majority of his non-working hours helping the Republicans of Maine to ensure a free and prosperous future for his kids.
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