Andrea Lane

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Andrea Lane is a retired public school Principal and Special education teacher and Director.

She is 2nd District Alternate Delegate, and she currently serves as the Principal at Oxford Hills Christian Academy, in South Paris. Starting out in education via the homeschooling movement in the early 80's, Andrea was instrumental is writing the original Home School regulations in Maine. She was a pioneer the movement, and has been a home school consultant for over 25 years. Andrea also blazed the trail for Gifted Education in the state of Maine. She and friend Kathi Kearney founded the now national organization Hollingworth Center for the Highly Gifted that has encouraged and supported families and students for the past 30 years.

Andrea and her husband Dave own a rental business/ministry in Western Maine. They also have a small organic farm where they raise vegetables, flowers, meat rabbits, chickens, and occasional sheep. With five grown children and one adoptive daughter on the way from Haiti (age 12), plus 11 grandchildren, Andrea easily fills her time with meaningful activities besides politics!

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